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Reputation Director provides professional, industry leading client service. Our expert team utilizes industry best practices and white hat techniques when building and promoting its clients’ brands.
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The Reputation Director consultation process is clear, empathetic and concise.
At times of crisis, things are tense. Account managers at Reputation Director are well versed at addressing any major and minor crisis with the utmost of discretion. Client confidentiality is assured by our Terms of Service as well as the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that is embedded within it.

Reputation Director engages our clients in a 4 stage process as described below. Clients see results anywhere from 1 week for simple cases to 6 months or more for complex issues.







Initial Consultation

Clients review their current situations with their Reputation Director account manager. This information is used to assess severity levels and determine the general level of effort to address the problems.

Proposal Generation

Within 24 hours clients receive a detailed proposal laying out the Reputation Development Plan and any immediate remediation efforts required. Costs, timelines, metrics and reporting are included.

Proposal Discussion

While most engagements are straightforward and proceed immediately, some clients wish to discuss the proposal in more detail. Their account managers handle this interaction if required.

Project Kick Off

Now the fun begins! Once the proposal is accepted, a kick off call is scheduled to review the Reputation Development Plan as well as the roles of Reputation Director and the client.

Reputation Development Plan
With the information gathered during the proposal process, the Reputation Director account manager custom develops a Reputation Development Plan for each client. These plans address the specific issues discussed with the client and include three main sections as outlined below.
1. Plan Summary
Goals, Metrics & Timeline – Goals come from initial client discussions. Metrics and timelines developed by Reputation Director are then reviewed and accepted with the client.
Client Role & Responsibilities – All successful engagements require some client participation. The plan will clearly lay out actions and information required to be supplied by clients. Clients wishing to participate more fully in the content generation process are welcomed.





2. Content Generation
Step 1: Client provides basic bio info for content creation. Photos may also be required for some sites.

Step 2: Professional writers (native US English speakers, university education) generate content for distribution across the internet.

Step 3: Client reviews and accepts content, and then approves publishing of content.







3. Search Engine Optimization Plan
1. Publication strategy – Recommended internet properties for publishing content are listed. Reputation Director will create one or more websites (domains) in addition to well known internet properties like LinkedIn and others where content will be published.

2. Publication schedule – Rather than posting the content all at once, it will be posted to various sites according to schedules in order to highlight the value of this content.

3. Promotion – Links between these sites and others are managed by Reputation Director to enable raising these sites higher in search results.

4. Amplification – As users click on promoted content, this content rises in its importance to search engines.

5. Reorder results – over the course of 1-3 months, amplification effects can be seen as preferred sites are returned in search results.

6. Strengthen and maintain – once the desired results have been achieved, the content will need to be refreshed from time to time. Since the search engine database is constantly refreshing itself, the sites will also have to be re-optimized to maintain results with desired keywords.

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